Your Java submissions will be automatically graded for conforming to the following style rules:

If there are other style problems that the handin server marks as incorrect, please, email me with the code that caused the problem. It may be that we meant to enforce this rule, but did not tell you, or we may decide to disable that check in the handin server – but without your feedback, we may not know whether a particular style rule matters for our programs.

Names of methods, fields, and sample data

When the assignment describes sample data to be defined, or specifies method or field names, make sure your program uses the prescribed names. Your program will be tested by our code that expects the names to be as specified. Of course, you are free to create additional sample data, and other methods (e.g. helper methods) as desired or necessary.

A Complete Guide to the Handin Server

    Assignment 1: Designing complex data

    Assignment 2: Designing methods for complex data

    Assignment 3: Abstracting over Data Definitions; Custom constructors; Accumulators

    Assignment 4: Equality; Double-dispatch

    Assignment 5: Building a game; Visitors

    Assignment 6: Mutable data

    Assignment 7: Mutable Worlds

    Assignment 8: Iterators and Sameness, and Finishing Games

    Assignment 9: Squeezing Pictures

    Assignment 10: Maze of twisty passages