There will not be a final exam in this course, but you must appear for the final codewalks will be on 12/5-6.

Problem Sets 01-04 will be done by each student individually. Problem Sets 05-07 will be done with a partner. Problem Sets 08-10 will be done with a different partner. Partners will be assigned by the course staff.

Details on handing in homework, coding standards, etc., are here

Important Notice/Warning: All students enrolled in CS 5010 should plan to be present in class starting at the first lecture.

Important Notice/Warning: If you must travel for business, please see me as soon as possible. Otherwise, do not ask for special accomodations due to your travel schedule. Please make your travel plans so that they do not interfere with the course schedule.

Weather Disruptions: Because the majority of the instruction is online, we do not anticipate changes in schedule due to weather. If the University is closed on a lecture day, I will put out some online materials or conduct lecture via webconference. If the University is closed due to weather during a codewalk day, the codewalks will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

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