Homework Policies

Your homework will be collected automatically from your github repository.

You must turn in your solutions for problem set JJ in a folder named setJJ. Each question should be submitted as a single file in that folder, in a onle named NAME.rkt, where NAME.rkt is the filename specified in the question. If the question does not specify a filename, then use K.rkt for question K. Thus, if problem set 1, question 2 does not specify a filename, then the answer should be in a file named exactly set01/2.rkt, not set1/2.rkt, Set01/2.rkt, set 1/question2.rkt, or anything else. [Here I've the Unix convention of using / to separate the components of a path name.] For each question, you must include the deliverables below.

You must also turn in a laboratory notebook that records the time you spent on each question. The notebook should be in a file named notebook.txt

We have coding conventions. If you follow them, you will make your life and the TA's life easier.

Your submission will be graded according to this rubric. The rubric will change somewhat from week to week, but this shows the general outline.

Design Recipe Deliverables

Here are the items you need to include for each question:

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