CS 5010 Module 01

Module Overview

This week you will get an orientation to the course and learn about the Design Recipe.

The Design Recipe has 6 steps. We will cover the first three steps of the recipe in detail, and introduce the last three. We will cover the last three steps in detail next week.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the various systems we will use during the course-- most notably Racket, Piazza, and Github.

Course Map

course map, week 1


Prologue and Part I from the textbook, which cover an introduction to programming, fixed-size data, and the Basic Student Language in Racket.



We will be using Google Slides to deliver PowerPoint-style materials. When you reach the presentation, click on "Present" to watch the presentation. Note that you can page backwards and forwards in the presentation. You can also examine the speaker's notes (if any) and download the presentation either as PowerPoint or as PDF.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties with these slides, or any slide deck during the course. Please do this by posting a note on Piazza, using the tag #systems-problems .

Problem Set

Problem Set 00: This is an introductory laboratory designed to get you familiar with the systems we will use. The two meetings of CS 5011 will act as supervised laboratories where you can work on this assignment. This assignment is ungraded, but you must do it.

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