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See the policies page for information about using your lab kit outside the specified lab times.

Turning In Assignments

Unless otherwise specified, follow these instructions to turn in each assignment. The due date and time are listed at the top of each assignment.

  1. Make sure all your source code files for the assignment are checked in to your SVN repository under a base directory named gN/lM where N is your group number and M is the number of the assignment. (That is a lower case letter g and a lower case letter l.)
  2. Make a plain-text (ASCII) file gN/lM/README.txt, with the following contents:
  3. Run these commands in the directory gN/lM:

    > svn add README.txt
    > svn commit -m "final commit for lM"
    > svn update
    > svn info
  4. The “Last Changed Rev” reported by svn info identifies the revision of your code that we will grade. Email it to the course instructor at the email address listed on the course homepage. Your submission is “on time” only if the timestamp on the email and the “Last Changed Date” reported by svn info for the indicated revision are both no later than the deadline. Otherwise we will take the later of the two timestamps as your submission time.

Possible issues: