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Problem Sets

home work!

All homework assignments are due on Thursday at 7pm. Except for the first problem set, the solutions are to be submitted via the hand-in server, for which you will get instructions in lab. The first problem set is submitted on paper to Prof. Razzaq’s office: 310 WVH.

All problem sets consist of two parts:
  • a set of finger exercises

  • a set of numbered problems.

Solve the finger exercises as you read the book. Solve as many as you can. For some a paper-and-pencil solution is enough; for others, you really want to open DrRacket and experiment/play. Feel free to discuss the problems and the solutions with classmates.

You will not get a grade for the finger exercises. But, when you ask for help with homework problems, we may ask you to solve one of these finger exercises or explain its solution.

Of the numbered problems, we pick between one and three to grade on a weekly basis. Which ones we will grade will be decided after you hand in the solutions.