Meeting Time:

Mon, Wed 2:50-4:30 Room 151 FR Some Fridays 3:25-5:05 Room 010 WVF


1/14/08 Class has been cancelled today due to snow. Please make an entry on this wiki page so I can see how far everyone has gotten on MP1.

First Class: Unfortunately, I will be out of town during the first week of class. During the first class meeting, Xin Dong will acquaint you with our VMWare cluster and how to use it. I expect by the end of the first week, you will have gotten your private cluster into a useable state.


Mitchell Wand
326 WVH, 373-2072, Office Hours: Stop by whenever. See my calendar to see my other meetings.


Xin Dong (, 370 EG, x7127. Office Hours: Tues, 200-500pm.

Goals and Themes:


Status as a PhD student in Computer Science.

Requirements and Expectations:

  1. I expect you to read and think about the chapter to be covered in each class before class. This class will not be like G711, in which I told a story that essentially occupied the entire semester. Here I will only cover some of the high points in each chapter, but you will be responsible for all of the material in the chapter.
  2. After the first few classes, I expect each class to begin with a 15-minute student presentation on a topic chosen from the material for the week, followed by a 15-minute discussion. I expect each student to make one such presentation. You will be evaluated both on the quality of your presentation and the quality of your participation in the discussion throughout the term. Together these will constitute about 25% of the grade.
  3. There will be homework exercises that will constitute about 50% of the grade.
  4. There will be 3 in-class exams that will constituted about 25% of the grade.

The final grade is computed as a weighted average of the items above. I generally do not give plus or minus grades, but I reserve the right to do so.


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The mailing list for the class is Everyone should subscribe to this mailing list by completing the form at The list consists of the class members, me, and the TA, and is available for you to communicate with the class. Mail to this list is archived. When you write either to me or to the list, it is helpful if you use descriptive subject lines.

If you ask me a question privately, I may post my reply to the class mailing list. If I do so, I will usually attempt to anonymize your question, so that you will not be discouraged from asking questions. On the other hand, if you say something clever and interesting, or if you point out an error that the class should be aware of, I will give you credit where credit is due.

During the course of the term, I may email you a pdf of my gradebook so that we can correct any errors. If I do this, I will not include your name. I will list your grades indexed by the last 4 digits of your NUID. If you object to your inclusion in this list under your actual NUID, please let me know and I will issue you a private 4-digit ID for this purpose.

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