CS G250 Wireless Networks

Course handouts

  1. Preliminaries (doc, html)
  2. Credit (doc, html)
  3. Outline (doc, html)
  4. Term Paper Information (doc, html)
  5. Term Paper Topics (doc, html)
  6. Term Project Presentation Schedule (doc, html)

Lecture Notes

  1. 9/10/06. Objectives, history, fundamentals (pdf)
  2. 915/08. Fourier transforms. Sampling. (pdf)
  3. 9/17/08. Shannon’s theorem. Antennas. (pdf)
  4. 9/22/08. Fading. Modulation. (pdf)
  5. 9/24/08. Spread Spectrum. (pdf)
  6. 9/29/08. Hat puzzle and codes. Shannon’s theorem (discrete case). (pdf)
  7. 10/1/08. Shannon’s Theorem. Linear codes. (pdf)
  8. 10/6/08. Cellular networks. Satellite communication. (pdf)
  9. 10/8/08. Cellular Technology. (pdf)
  10. 10/15/08. Wireless LANs. Shortest-path trees. 802.11. (pdf)
  11. 10/20/08.  802.11. Mobile IP. WAP. (pdf)
  12. 10/22/08. Mobile Platforms. (pdf) Android (slides, example.zip)
  13. 10/27/08. Capacity of Wireless Networks. (pdf)
  14. 10/29/08. Capacity of Wired and Wireless Networks. (pdf)
  15. 11/03/08. Midterm
  16. 11/05/08. Sensor assignment demo.
  17. 11/10/08. Christian Wiederseiner’s Android presentation (movie). Capacity of Wireless Networks. (pdf)
  18. 11/12/08. WiMAX
  19. 11/17/08. Bluetooth
  20. 11/19/08. Conflict resolution in multiple-access media
  21. 12/01/08. Impossibility of distributed consensus

Problem Sets

  1. Problem Set I (tex, pdf)  Solutions-I (pdf)
  2. Simulation I (doc, html)
  3. Problem Set II (tex, pdf)  Solutions –II  (pdf)
  4. Sensors (doc, html)
  5. Simulation II (& PS3) (doc, html)

Related links

I plan to accumulate related links and organize it from time to time. Please send me(koods@ccs.neu.edu) any links related to the course that you found useful. 

Madhu Sudan’s course on coding theory.

Shannon’s famous paper on A Mathematical Theory of Communication.

Shannon’s paper on Communication in the Presence of Noise

Waveform Geometry slides.

Wikipedia on Mobile Development, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, iPhone OS and Android OS.

WiMAX slides and lecture notes.

Bluetooth and Zigbee slides.

Komlos-Greenberg paper on conflict resolution in multi-access networks (pdf).

Article on traffic monitoring in Wall Street Journal (.png) – thanks to Vishnu Vasudevamurthy.

Article on a new Android phone – thanks to  Vishnu Vasudevamurthy.

Fischer-Lynch-Paterson on impossibility of distributed consensus with one processor (pdf).