CS 7976: Assignment 3: Editing and Cutting a Paper

Out: Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Due: Monday, October 15, 2018

Today in class, we saw a paper that needed some serious rewriting and shortening.

For next week, I'd like you to edit and shorten the paper. Your edited version should be approximately 50-60% of the original. Please revise the abstract as well, if needed.

In preparing your new version, please keep in mind the following points, and be prepared to discuss your decisions in class.

Feel free to change the title of the paper if you like.

Don't worry about the figures. If you think a figure is ok as is, please say so. If you think it doesn't add anything, just delete it. If there is some other figure that might work better, tell us what it might be.

For this assignment, please work in groups. Let me know who is in each group by making a post on the class Slack, in #general.

Turn in the assignment by having one of the members of the group email me a text file.

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