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CS 7976: Seminar in Technical Writing

Fall 2018

The goal of this seminar is to help advanced PhD students with writing and editing technical documents, such as papers and dissertations. We will cover basics of good English composition, organization of sentences, paragraphs, and sections, and other topics. Our initial plan is to follow Norman Ramsey's course on Technical Writing Using the Engineering Method, but the exact topics and emphases will depend on the students' needs.

Enrollment is limited to 10 students, first come first served. It is not restricted to students from the PL group. It is my understanding that you can enroll in the course for either 2 credits or 4 credits. You will be expected to do the same work either way. You should consult with your advisor and/or Prof. Rajaraman to decide whether to enroll for 2 credits or for 4. The course is 2 credits, and does not count toward any specialty area.

Students should be working on papers or dissertations that we can discuss and analyze. If you enroll in this course, you should send me a short paper that you have written (5-10 pages is preferred), so that I can begin to tailor the course to your needs.

We will have a group meeting approximately weekly, and students will have 1-on-1 sessions with the instructor as appropriate.

Meeting Time

Our scheduled meeting time is

Wednesdays, 2:50-4:30, SL 045

Our CRN is 18122.


We will set up a communications forum. That might be via Piazza, Gchat, or Slack-- we can decide that as a group at our first meeting.


One or more of these will be designated as our official textbook and ordered through the Bookstore.



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