CS 5010 is the mandatory introductory course for students in the MS program. The course has two distinct objectives. First, it will ensure that all MS students have the same background in designing programs. This encompasses the entire design cycle, from problem analysis to the development of test suites. Second, the course will also introduce students to programming as a people discipline. Students will work in pairs, present code to panels, and learn to cope with an evolving code base. The course will require a serious commitment to practical hands-on programming from the student. Students report typical time-on-task as upwards of 20 hours per week.


Important Information

Be sure to sign into the course at the "I Am Here" form.

Instructional Format

This class will use a "flipped-classroom" model, in which online exercises replace most lecture material.


Office Hours

Meeting Times

Preparing your laptop

When classes start, you should prepare your laptop for use in the course. Instructions for doing this are here. Windows, Mac, or Linux laptops are all acceptable. PLEASE TRY TO DO THIS BEFORE THE FIRST LAB MEETING, AND BRING YOUR LAPTOP TO THE LAB. A laptop is not required for the course, but most students use them.


Syllabus and Problem Sets

Modules run Monday to Sunday. Problem sets are due Monday of the following week. Links to the online materials and the problem set for each module will appear below.

Module Monday Topic Readings Problem Set Notes
00 11 Jan How to Learn in This Course CS 5011 will meet as well.
01 18 Jan The Design Recipe, Part I HtDP/2e: Prologue and Part I Set 01 Monday holiday; makeup to be announced.
02 25 Jan The Design Recipe, Part II HtDP/2e: Prologue and Part I Set 02
03 1 Feb The Universe Module HtDP/2e: Prologue and Part I Set 03 Codewalks replace 5011 from now on.
04 8 Feb Computing with Lists HtDP/2e: Part II Set 04
05 15 Feb Generalizing Similar Functions HtDP/2e: Part III Set 05 Monday holiday, but problem set 04 is still due; makeup to be announced.
06 22 Feb Trees and Other Branching Structures HtDP/2e: Part IV Set 06
07 29 Feb Generalizing with Contexts and Invariants HtDP/2e: Part VI Set 07
7 Mar (no class: spring break)
08 14 Mar General Recursion HtDP/2e: Part V Set 08
09 21 Mar Objects, Classes, and Interfaces No text for remainder of course Set 09
10 28 Mar Objects that Communicate via State No text for remainder of course Set 10
11 4 Apr Sharing Implementation Using Inheritance   Set 11
12 11 Apr Additional Topics     final codewalks this week
13 18 Apr Additional Topics     Monday holiday (Patriots' Day).

There will not be a final exam in this course, but you must appear for the final codewalks, which will be on April 12-15. Your final codewalk may be as late as Friday, April 15. Please plan your end-of-semester travel accordingly.

Problem Sets 01-05 will be done by each student individually. Problem Sets 06-08 will be done with a partner. Problem Sets 09-11 will be done with a different partner. Partners will be assigned by the course staff.

Details on handing in homework, coding standards, etc., are here.

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