CS 5010 Module 12

Module Overview

In this module, we will learn about inheritance, which is a mechanism that allows us to generalize the implementations of similar classes. Inheritance allows us to make a new class that is very similar to an old one, using the overriding-defaults pattern, or to make a new class that generalizes the implementations of several similar classes.

Inheritance systems may be designed in many different ways. If the language you are using has inheritance (as most languages do), you will need to be familiar with these issues and how your languages handles them. We will review some of these issues.

Last, we summarize the main points of this course and give you a pep talk as you go on to the rest of your Masters' program.

Course Map

course map, week 12




Lessons and Guided Practices

Problem Set

This week you are finishing problem set 10, which is the last problem set in the course.

Go out in the world and do good work!

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