CS 5010 Module 11

Module Overview

In this module, we will learn how to make objects communicate with each other and that there are two basic models for communication: pull and push. We will also learn that objects must have identity in order to communicate reliably, and how to use state to implement objects with stable identities.

In addition, we will discuss how and when to use the publish-subscribe pattern to implement push-style communication between unrelated objects. Finally, we will learn about delegates, a refinement of publish-subscribe.

Course Map

course map, week 11


None. If you have not used any object-oriented language, you need to learn something about OOP in a hurry. The materials in Lesson 10.1 are a good start, but you will probably need more. Go down to the bookstore and identify a book that is comfortable for you.


Lessons and Guided Practices

Problem Set

Problem Set 10

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