CS 5010 Module 10

Module Overview

In this module, we will see how everything we've learned so far can be ported to an object-oriented context. We'll see how:

We'll see how the functional orientation and the object orientation are just two ways of looking at the same definitions.

We'll see how our deliverables should appear in an object-oriented setting.

Last, we'll consider some of the subtleties of testing in an object-oriented setting.

Course Map

course map, week 10


None. If you have not used any object-oriented language, you need to learn something about OOP in a hurry. The materials in Lesson 10.1 are a good start, but you will probably need more. Go down to the bookstore and identify a book that is comfortable for you.


Lessons and Guided Practices

Note: some of the slides refer to Guided Practices. Right now, we haven't created the Guided Practices. We will link them here when they are ready.

Problem Set

Problem Set 09

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