CS 5010 Module 02

Module Overview

This week will be largely devoted to Structural Decomposition, which is the design recipe you will use most often in this course. We will also talk more about testing, and give you a checklist for reviewing and polishing your program before you turn it in. This completes our survey of the Function Design Recipe. You will also learn about Racket's facilities for producing images and scenes.

Course Map

map, week 2

Here's another view that shows where we are in the course

from principles to design strategies: structural decomposition


Prologue and Part I from the textbook, which cover an introduction to programming, fixed-size data, and the Basic Student Language in Racket.



Problem Set

Problem Set 01: The goal of this problem set is to help you design functions that deal with finite data.

This is the first "real" problem set. Pay careful attention to the deliverables and to the master rubric.

Your first codewalks will be conducted the week of September 23. Students in Boston will receive an email with a personal URL at which you can sign up for your codewalk session.

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