CS 5010 Module 00

Module Overview

This short week you will get an orientation to the course and learn about the Design Recipe.

This course is organized differently from what you are used to. Lesson 0.1 explains how the course is organized and what you should expect. Lesson 0.2 presents some of the basic principles underlying the course. Lesson 0.3 deals with the unpleasant but necessary topic of Academic Honesty.

Lessons 0.4 through 0.6 will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the various systems we will use during the course-- most notably Racket and Github.

Course Map

Here is the course map. In future weeks, this map will reappear, with the week's topics highlighted.



Prologue and Part I from the textbook, which cover an introduction to programming, fixed-size data, and the Basic Student Language in Racket.




Please do the following activities:

  1. Prepare your machine, following the directions in software.html
  2. Do the first 10 exercises in Lesson 0.4 An Introduction to Racket
  3. Do the exercises in the Git Laboratory
  4. Create a repository called ps00 in your github account and upload your solutions to the 10 exercises above, along with your laboratory notebook, as described in software.html

The two meetings of CS 5011, which start next week, will act as supervised laboratories where you can work on this assignment, but please do as much as you can before coming to lab.

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