HOFC Exercises

The file HOFC Exercises.rkt contains 7 very short exercises in using higher-order function composition.

Download the file and a copy of extras.rkt into a fresh directory.

We'll do these one at a time, in pairs. Comment out the portions of the file that you are not working on. The file should open in "Intermediate Student Language with Lambda".

All of these problems should be solved using only HOFC + structural decomposition on compound data (e.g. Posn). Use Lesson 5.5 and the list of abstractions from Chapter 18 in the book as a guide. Use lambda if you can. If you have difficulty seeing how to do the problem using HOFC, you may use plain old structural decomposition on a list. In that case you should write down the relevant template.

Remember that Posn is already defined in ISL+Lambda.

When you are called on, please copy your solution into one of the following pages:

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