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CS 5010 is the mandatory introductory course for students in the MS program. The course has two distinct objectives. First, it will ensure that all MS students have the same background in designing programs. This encompasses the entire design cycle, from problem analysis to the development of test suites. Second, the course will also introduce students to programming as a people discipline. Students will work in pairs, present code to panels, and learn to cope with an evolving code base. The course will require a serious commitment to practical hands-on programming from the student. Students report typical time-on-task as upwards of 20 hours per week.

Important Information

Instructional Format. This class will use a "flipped-classroom" model, in which online exercises replace most lecture material. (Details)

Meeting Times. Here is the latest information I have:

CS 5011. The course comes with a lab course, called CS 5011. Students must register for both courses to receive credit. (Details)

Preparing your laptop. Before classes start, you should prepare your laptop for use in the course. Instructions for doing this are here. Windows, Mac, or Linux laptops are all acceptable. PLEASE HAVE THIS ACCOMPLISHED BEFORE THE FIRST LAB MEETING, AND BRING YOUR LAPTOP TO THE LAB. A laptop is not required for the course, but most students use them.


Important Notice/Warning: All students enrolled in CS 5010 should plan to be present in class starting at the first lecture.

Important Notice/Warning: Do not ask for special accomodations due to your travel schedule. Please make your travel plans so that they do not interfere with the course schedule. There will not be a final exam in this course, but you must appear for the final codewalks will be on 12/5-6.

Web Access: If for some reason you have difficulty reaching the course materials via Blackboard, you can get most of the course content through this web page. Start at the page for Module 01. Subsequent weeks can be reached via the table in the syllabus.

Some materials, however, are inside Blackboard and are restricted to registered students only. If you continue to have difficulty logging in the Blackboard, please post a private note to the instructors on Piazza and we will see what the problem is.

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