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Alternate time for exam 1
Web  CAT down; homework 2 submission time will be extended
Homework 1 due-date updated
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Alternate time for exam 1

Tue Feb 16 14:07:47 EST 2016
We are currently aware of a small number of students who cannot make the exam time this Thursday at 6–9pm. The alternate time for you to take the exam is 2:30–5:30pm on Thursday, in Snell Library 011. If you cannot make that time either, email your professor ASAP.

There are also a small number of students who are taking the exam at the DRC. We will email the exam to the DRC for you. If you have not informed your professor about a DRC accommodation and gotten a signed form yet, do so immediately: the DRC requires as much advance notice as possible, and there’s not much time left.

WebCAT down; homework 2 submission time will be extended

Wed Jan 27 22:39:25 EST 2016
We know WebCAT is down. Once systems helps us get it back up and running, we’ll let you know what the new submission time will be. It will be sometime on Thursday, certainly, exact details still to be determined.

Homework 1 due-date updated

Fri Jan 15 19:18:02 EST 2016
The due date and time for homework 1 have been updated: homeworks will generally be due at 10pm, and this week’s homework will be due on Wednesday, which the calendar reliably informs me is the 20th, and not the 21st.

Welcome to CS2510

Mon Jan 11 11:00 EST 2016
Please, check this page daily for any last-minute announcements about the class, assignments, lectures, and other information.