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Here is a calendar of all the office hours that the course staff offers. If you would like to speak to an instructor and you cannot make it to their office hours, send an email to set up a meeting. If you have a general question and cannot make it to anyone’s office hours, post to Piazza (see below).

There will be online and in-person office hours. The Khoury Office Hour app will be used for online hours. Staff members will have the same office hours every week. Before going to someone’s hours, check where they will be on the calendar below. Should there be a change to someone’s hours, there will be a post on Piazza and the calendar will be updated.


Piazza is an on-line forum for class discussions. Anybody can post a question and anybody else can reply.

Do not post grading questions to Piazza. It’s best to email the grader directly or attend office hours for those types of questions.

Before posting, check whether or not your question has already been asked. If it already has been asked and has not yet been answered, provided the question is not more than a day old, it likely will be answered soon. Do not double post.

Posting any parts of a solution to any parts of a homework assignment is considered cheating. You don’t want to do this. Limit your answers to other students to providing clarity when needed and hints when appropriate. This is good practice should you ever want to be a TA :)

Note: anonymity on Piazza is implemented to make you anonymous to students but not to staff members.


In this freshman course, you will encounter three kinds of people:
  • your instructors

    Leena Razzaq


    l.razzaq at northeastern.edu


  • your course coordinator Amy Gately (a.gately at northeastern.edu)

  • your teaching assistants

    Robin Bele


    bele.a at northeastern.edu


    Yuliya Buturlia


    buturlia.y at northeastern.edu


    Cinye Cai


    cai.ci at northeastern.edu


    Ella Chee


    chee.el at northeastern.edu


    Luke Colombo


    colombo.l at northeastern.edu


    Sasha DiVall


    divall.s at northeastern.edu


    Owen Duckham


    duckham.o at northeastern.edu


    Nicholas Freeman


    freeman.n at northeastern.edu


    Aarush Garg


    garg.aar at northeastern.edu


    Arav Goyal


    goyal.ara at northeastern.edu


    Asha Hassan


    hassan.ash at northeastern.edu


    Benjamin Marler


    marler.b at northeastern.edu


    Easha Patel


    patel.ea at northeastern.edu


    Hannah Piersol


    piersol.h at northeastern.edu


    Jinghao Zhou


    zhou.jingh at northeastern.edu


    TAs teach and run labs, grade homeworks, hold office hours and grade exams.


When you need help with the lecture material, the lab material, or the problem sets, don’t despair—there are plenty of ways to get help.

A meeting with a TA or instructor is the best to get explanations because you can ask questions in real time and get answers to them.

If you have a question that you prefer to ask in a non-public setting, feel free to post a question to Piazza. You can make your post anonymous to other students.